Golf Clash – Chest Guide

Golf Clash Chests Guide

Golf Clash – Chest Guide

Due to the unique gameplay, Golf Clash is getting intense popularity and you can easily find that lots of people are playing it. Playdemic is offering it for IOS and Android free of cost with the in-app purchases option for resources.

Coin and gems are currencies whereas you have to acquire club cards for progression. Various methods can help you obtain cards but mainly, you have to depend on the chests. There are many types of chests offered by the developers.

In this post, we will enlighten –

  1. Types of chests offered in Golf Clash
  2. Play events for premium chests
  3. Tricks to obtain more chests easily

These are three main topics about the chests which can cover almost everything about the game and it will let you obtain higher amount of currencies and the best cards of need.

Types Of Chest Offered In Golf Clash

You can easily find so many methods to obtain chests but the easiest one is Free Chests. You can get these in every four hours. However, there is a capping over two chests maximum and if you want more then unlock these. It will be able to collect 2 more. If you are playing this game for short burst then must get the chests before sleeping and early in morning.

It can offer you coins and gems for sure. Even free cards are also offered. If you are in professional league or any other then perks increases and higher number of resources provided by these free chests. Keep on playing and improving your level to get better chests. It is possible and easy also that’s why you can rely on this method and obtain so many benefits.

Tour Chests are offered when you win any of the matches in the tour. The reward chest also offers a good reward and it depend on that which chest you are playing. It offers silver, golden and wooden chests on winning. It is quite a good option and there are many tricks which can help you out.

Play Events For Premium Chests

The developers keep on offering new events on time and if you want great reward then it is better to those events. There is an entry fees but these are surely helping you to obtain higher amount and it is easy also that’s why you can rely on these methods and get a good amount easily. Make sure to try out events and win in them.

Tricks To Obtain More Chests

You can invite your friends to play this game and try out playing matches in tour 5 or later ones or anyone you want. You can ask your friends to lose once or forfeit the match so that you can get chest by this method. Your friends will loss coins but you can play one more match and this time, loss to give him/her coins. It will help both of you get a chest of better tours and it also help in grabbing higher amount of coins and gems. It provides awesome cards too.

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