Golf Clash – Ball and Club Guide

Golf Clash Ball and Club

Golf Clash – Ball and Club Guide

Golf Clash, a popular mobile title from Playdemic is getting into trend accords the globe due to its unique interface, features and gameplay. The vivid graphics give it a boost and increases popularity whereas the option to connect with Facebook and play with friends make it best one. There are two important things in the game, Golf Club and Balls. You can get these from chest and choose the right one before starting a new match.

Choose Right Club

Each club comes with the set of pros and cons where shooting range increases and the accuracy decreases. On the other hand, there is top spin as well as the back spin playing the important role in winning. In order to reach on apex, you need guided access and the curl in later stages. These are important factors to look for and a club having all the things in average is best one.


There are many types of balls and each one is in limited amount except the basic one. If you want to get a ball then gems can help in the purchases. Basically, the chests help in earning more balls and it is easy to obtain higher amount by using this method.

A ball gives you other abilities like air resistant and extra range. Even you are able to curl the ball beyond limits of the club that’s why you should use the best ball. Personally, I have played this game and the best one for me is “Titan” and “Katana”. Both are available at reasonable prices and tour 6 or the later one offers you these balls. It is better to rely on playing instead of wasting gems.

Important Factors

The use of right club and the right ball can let you get accurate shots. It isn’t important to get precise shots in the beginning stages but when it comes to landing near the flag then it must be accurate and you should try to land closer as much as possible. In these conditions, you can easily putt the ball and it is all about putting the ball in fewer shots than opponent so always try to lead in first drive and others. These are some reliable factors playing the vital role.

Earn More Coins, Here’s How

Golf Clash offers variety of methods to earn coins and gems but most of people don’t know few of them which are easier and helpful.

  • Gamers who haven’t connected the Facebook account with game should do it. Because, you can send gifts to friends and they can also do the same. Even no coins will be deduced on gifting others.
  • Invite friends to play this game and if they join by your invite then you are going to acquire 500 coins by this method. It is easy and you can easily find lots of people to play this unique game.
  • Try using Golf Clash Hack that is currently the easiest way to get resources.

Hope, this guide will help you out in being the top notch gamer and choosing the right club as well as the ball.

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