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Golf Clash Hack – Coins and Gems Cheats 2019

Golf Clash is a cool real-time, sports based, multiplayer game, which is developed by Playdemic Games. It is one of the finest games ever made on Golf for pocket platform gamers. Overall, both with our Golf Clash Hack it provides a redefined gaming experience to all players.

The game features visually stunning graphics and cool gameplay, where you can challenge your friends or other online players for a Golf duel. The game and our Golf Clash Hack as well is available on both pocket platforms i.e. Android and iOS. The best part is that it is a freeware game, which means any gamer who owns a compatible Android or an iOS device can download and play the game for free.

Golf Clash Hack 2019

Similar to the real world, players need to use virtual currency for buying various items in the game. Your success in the game is highly dependent on the amount of virtual game currency that you have in your possession. Read on to know more about the in-game currencies!


They are the primary game currency, which can be used for different things such as paying match fees, purchasing and upgrading Golf Clubs and Balls. Earning Coins is not an easy job as you can earn them only if you win matches or by using Golf Clash Cheats. When you lose matches, you will not be awarded with Coins and you end up losing your match fees as well. Another way of earning Coins is by participating in different tours and playing weekly league challenges.


Gems are the secondary game currency, which can be used to purchase reward Chests and unlock Club Cards. You can also use them to unlock several items in the game. There is no way to earn Gems in the game other than earning them as rewards by unlocking Chests. The other option to get lots of Gems is the by purchasing them with real money. You can even consider using our Golf Clash hack 2019 for generating plenty of Gems instantly.

Buying In-Game Currencies:



It is not advisable to spend real money on purchasing virtual game currencies. However, if you still consider spending real money; then make sure you always purchase bigger packs as lucrative deals are offered on them as compared to the smaller packs. On several occasions, combo packs are also offered, which include pack of Coins, Gems, and Club Cards at throwaway prices. So, make sure you keep regular tabs on the game store to track these deals before making a purchase. Once again keep in mind that all these currencies can be easily generated with Golf Clash Hack.

If you want to go the hard way and earn these currencies yourself, then the below-mentioned tips are surely going to help you out:

Play Lots Of Matches:

The easiest and best way to earn in-game currency is by playing matches. So, make sure you play good number of matches each day in order to stack Coins. Try earning trophies by playing tours, as more tours are unlocked after earning a certain set of trophies. Another the most easiest way of getting currency is of course Golf Clash Cheats.

Participate In League Matches:

Take part in the weekly league matches as winning league matches provides rare Chests, which contains bundled goods that includes Coins, Gems, and Club Cards. So, make it a point to participate in league matches whenever possible.

Upgrade Your Gear:

In order to gain a competitive edge in the game, you need to constantly keep on upgrading your Clubs. You need skills to win matches, but only skills are not enough as you also need the best gear to keep up with the increasing competition.

Unlock Free Chests:

A Wooden Chest is awarded to players every 4 hours, so make sure you unlock the free chests as and when they are available. These free Chests contain surprise goodies, which includes Coins, Gems, and Club Cards.

Golf Clash has become one of the most popular games ever developed, as millions of gamers play the game on regular basis. There are lots of reasons that have contributed towards the increasing popularity of the game; and below-mentioned are some of the most popular ones:

Simple Rules:

The game rules are simple and exactly similar to the actual golf rules. The game consists of set of different golf courses, where each course has pre-defined number of strokes called Par Limit. You need to put the ball into the hole in minimum possible attempts in order to win the game.

Easy Controls:

The controls of Golf Clash are very simple as compared to the other console based games of Golf where there is a different button for each and every action. In this game, the action can be controlled by simple gestures of your fingers or thumb. This feature has made the game more popular among gamers of all age groups. Moreover, players who are not used to complex gaming control configuration can easily play the game.

Realistic Gameplay:

The game provides in-depth gaming experience to players with its visually stunning graphics and extremely realistic gameplay. The graphics in the game are designed so well that it provides vibes of a gaming console. The gameplay too is quite realistic as players need to take into account lots of aspects such as wind direction, wind speed, ideal club, etc. in order to plan a perfect shot. This feature is similar to the actual game as golf players needs to consider similar aspects to plan and execute each shot.

Multiplayer Gaming:

Playing any game is no fun, unless you have someone else to play along with you! Golf Clash provides you with an amazing multiplayer gaming experience, where you can challenge players around the world. In the multiplayer gaming, you are paired against randomly selected opponent, which matches your game level for a golf duel. The player who pots the ball in less number of attempts wins the game. Winners are rewarded with virtual game items after the completion of the match.

Socially Connecting:

The game gives you an opportunity to socially connect with your friends. All you need to do is sync your social networking account with the game. Once you are connected with your friends you can track their progress in the game and also challenge them for a friendly duel if they are online. These friendly matches help in preparing for the actual multiplayer duels, league matches, and tours that are tougher.

Unique Upgrade System:

The game features an upgrade system, which allows you to upgrade your existing balls and clubs in order to make them better. You can also purchase stronger and better clubs from the game store. Upgrading and purchasing Clubs require Club Cards, which can be bought from the game store or can be found in Chests.

Types Of Chests:

There are varied types of reward Chests in the game and each Chest offers a different set of merchandise to the players. Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the three main types of Chests, which can be won if you are placed in first three positions in weekly league matches. Wooden Chests are basic Chests, which are awarded to the players every 4 hours in the game.

Pin Chests are quite unique and can be won if you pin the ball for 8 consecutive times. Kings Chests are the only chests that cannot be earned, but can be bought from the game store. Each of these chests provides unique set of items such as Gems, Coins, Club Cards, and Golf Balls to the players.

Overall, Golf Clash has earned 4 out of 5 stars on the gaming chart. It is the coolest game available for pocket gamers. If you don’t believe it, then download the game, try the famous Golf Clash Hack and simply have fun!


Golf Clash Hack